Lawrence Kansas Garage Sales (Summertime 2024)

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Hello Lawrence folks. My name is Bryan Reynolds, and I’ve lived in Lawrence for over 20 years. My family decided it’s time for a change, and we are moving to Colorado.

Our goal is to get their before the end of the summer before the next school year begins. As you know, the moving process is a not-so-fun/soul crushing experience. So I decided to get a jump on things and start the moving sales process early.

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Who Am I? And Why am I Running Garage Sales Online?

My name is Bryan. I’m a local living in Lawrence Kansas. I’ve been here for 20+ years. As a local, I’m all about building trust and ensuring a smooth experience for anyone dealing with me online. We are moving to Colorado, and I don’t want to just do one day of trying to sell our stuff. Maybe having a whole summer is the move.

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