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Kansas Basketball Violations?

October 11, 2023

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The Ruling: 3 Years Probation

Sports Illustrated is reporting that the Kansas men’s basketball infractions case has finally been resolved, with the NCAA's Independent Accountability Review Process (IARP) downgrading the severity of the five Level I allegations against the program to a Level II case. As a result, the Jayhawks have been given a three-year probation, but their postseason status remains unaffected. Both Head coach Bill Self and Assistant coach Kurtis Townsend, who were initially charged with Level I violations, saw their charges reduced to Level III, with no additional penalties.

Key points:

  • The ruling marks the end of the last infractions case stemming from the 2017 federal investigation into corruption in college basketball.
  • The case was arguably the most high-profile of all investigations resulting from the FBI probe.
  • Alleged violations included payments from Adidas representatives to people associated with former Jayhawks Billy Preston and Silvio De Sousa.

We are grateful that this process has concluded and look forward to moving on. We are eager to bring on the new season and continue the proud tradition of KU Men's Basketball.

Vacated Wins for Games Silvio de Sousa Played

Nonetheless, the Independent Accountability Resolution Process has mandated that KU forfeit all victories in which the ex-player Silvio de Sousa played. Consequently, the Jayhawks will lose their status as the most successful college basketball program ever as an official record.

Bummer, I liked having that distinction. Let's get it back.

Oh snap, and we vacate the Final Four appearance.

Double bummer.

Honestly, I was most worried the being banned from post season stuff.

A Quick Breakdown on the Podcast

I Think Matt Gasper Accyrately Captures our Collective Feeling in a Gif

Full Case (IARP)

Procedural Timeline

University of Kansas

Go through every detail here

The Investigation Timeline (Abridged)

The investigation into the Kansas basketball violations began back in 2016, focusing primarily on an alleged pay-to-play scheme involving former Jayhawks Billy Preston and Silvio De Sousa. Accusations were made against Adidas representatives for alleged payments to these players.

The timeline for the Kansas basketball violations investigation is as follows:

  • September 2019: Former Jayhawks player Billy Preston is linked to allegations of improper benefits. Coach Bill Self denies any knowledge of alleged payments.

  • October 2023: The IARP is expected to deliver its final ruling on the case.

Please note that this timeline is based on public information and reports. The actual timeline of the internal investigation conducted by the NCAA and the IARP may differ.



Yahoo Sports

Coach Bill Self

Coach Bill Self, a respected figure in the world of college basketball, has been at the center of this investigation. Fans of the Jayhawks, the university, and the NCAA are all hoping for the best outcome for Coach Bill and his team.

The IARP was formed in response to recommendations by the Commission on College Basketball. Its final act in this case will be closely watched by ESPN and other media outlets, marking a significant moment in the history of NCAA infraction cases.

Men's Basketball is Still Beloved by KU Fans

Regardless of the outcome, the Kansas Jayhawks remain committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity in college basketball. As we mark this day in October 2023, our thoughts are with the team and Coach Bill Self as they await the final ruling on Wednesday.

Check back for updates.

The Kansas Jayhawks men's basketball program and their fans are on tenterhooks as they await the final ruling from the Independent Accountability Resolution Process (IARP) regarding alleged violations. The long-anticipated decision, expected to be delivered today, October 11, 2023, could have significant implications for the storied college basketball program.

The ruling has been delivered and I for one am glad that we can move on and focus on having a great season.


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