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Lawrence, Kansas Headline Quiz

1. Which comfort food is coming to downtown Lawrence?

A) Italian
B) South American and Cuban
C) Japanese
D) French

2. What project’s design plans were approved for downtown Lawrence?

A) A new vegan cafe
B) Q39 barbecue project
C) A tech startup hub
D) An art gallery

3. What major policy did the Kansas Senate clear after a heated discussion?

A) Universal healthcare
B) Flat tax plan
C) Environmental protection act
D) Gun control legislation

4. What happened to the majority of charges against Kansas Holistic Defenders’ clients?

A) They were upheld
B) They were dismissed
C) They were increased
D) They were transferred to another state

5. Who clinched second place in the Kansas Youth of the Year competition?

A) Molly Adams
B) August Rudisell
C) La’Ron Williams
D) Gary Lee Prager

6. What was the outcome of the first Medicaid expansion hearing held in years in Kansas?

A) Few supporters showed up
B) It was canceled last minute
C) Many Kansas supporters attended
D) It turned into a protest

7. What did advocates tell the Lawrence City Commission regarding people living outside?

A) They need more space
B) Trust is broken
C) They prefer to live outside
D) They request more amenities

8. What did Douglas County and Kansas statewide presidential preference primary results indicate?

A) Support for independent candidates
B) Support for Biden and Trump
C) A tie between all candidates
D) Low voter turnout

9. What event is aimed at taking the pulse of the ‘local music ecosystem’?

A) Lawrence Live Music Festival
B) Lawrence Music Census
C) Downtown Lawrence Busker Fest
D) KU School of Music Showcase

10. Which proposal aimed to address homelessness in Kansas includes enforcement bans in public spaces?

A) $40 million Kansas homeless shelter proposal
B) Lawrence City Safe Sleep Initiative
C) The Kansas Housing First Program
D) The Douglas County Community Support Plan

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