I Found a REALTOR® Champion in Lawrence

Her name is Jill Stueve, and she is phenomenal.

As I continue to live in the beautiful city of Lawrence KS, finding the right real estate agent felt a bit on the overwhelming side.

Where do I start?

A chance encounter at Henry's Upstairs led to a meet-up where we could talk about the real estate market, our families, and Lawrence in general.

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Bryan Reynolds


You'll Understand if You Meet Her

(And you should meet with her if you are buying or selling a house, or any other property transaction in Lawrence).

The moment I talked with her over coffee, it became crystal clear why. Jill, a proud member of the Keller Williams family, brings a level of friendly and thorough professionalism that’s simply unmatched.

Her incredible team highly contributes to her standing among the top real estate agents in the area, making her not just a phenomenal team leader but also a beacon for those aiming to find real estate agents who genuinely make a difference.

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"I found myself reading her reviews, and terms like best REALTOR® in Lawrence Kansas, or top real estate agent in Lawrence kept on making its way into my mind.

Because there is just a seemingly never-ending, consistent flow of praise for her work."

Bryan Reynolds

Her incredible team highly contributes to her standing among the top real estate agents in the area, making her not just a phenomenal team leader but also a beacon for those aiming to find real estate agents who genuinely make a difference.

Working through the complicated world of property management, buying, or selling, Jill's expertise shines brightly.

Her affiliation with Keller Williams is a testament to her prowess and dedication, positioning her as a pivotal figure among the best real estate agents in Lawrence, KS.

With Jill and her team, the task of sifting through Lawrence real estate agents transforms into an enlightening journey, guiding you to your dream home or the sale of your property with grace and precision.

If you're on the hunt to find real estate agents who will stand by your side, advocate for your best interests, and lead with a phenomenal blend of knowledge and care, look no further.

Jill Stueve is the embodiment of the top agents you need, promising not just results but a memorable journey marked by her friendly and thorough professionalism.

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Why is Jill Such a Stand Out?

Jill Stueve has become the go-to REALTOR® in Lawrence, KS, for a reason.

Her professionalism, promptness, courtesy, and knowledge shine through in every interaction.

Here's what makes Jill exceptional.

  • Professionalism - Jill approaches every client with the utmost professionalism, ensuring that their needs are met with integrity and respect.
  • Promptness - She understands the value of time, responding quickly to inquiries, and staying on top of market trends.
  • Courtesy - Jill treats everyone with kindness and respect, making clients feel valued and supported.
  • Knowledge - With years of experience in the Lawrence real estate market, Jill's insight is invaluable.
  • A Highly Recommended Lawrence REALTOR® For Sellers and Buyers

Whether you're looking to buy your dream home or sell your current property, Jill Stueve is highly recommended by those who have worked with her.

Her ability to navigate the complexities of the real estate market with ease makes her a trusted ally in any transaction.

Jill Has So Many 5 Star Google Reviews from Past Clients

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Jill's excellence in real estate is reflected in her Google reviews.

I found that clients rave about her dedication, with one noting how she worked with them for almost a year, providing virtual tours and arranging accommodations, all with a smile and a great sense of humor.

Another client praised Jill for her help in finding their dream home, highlighting her pleasant demeanor and availability.

Jill's dedication as a real estate agent has consistently earned her praise and recognition, with numerous clients sharing their positive experiences.

Her reputation for excellence is well-earned. Every review echoed the same sentiments. Jill's dedication and expertise are unmistakable.

From Mass Street to the most hidden spots in town, she truly stands out in the Lawrence real estate scene.


Jill Can Be Your REALTOR®

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Exceptional Reviews

Clients frequently highlight her prompt responsiveness, knowledgeable guidance, and exceptional negotiating skills, underscoring her commitment to providing the best service possible.

Whether it's managing open houses, addressing specific property preferences, or helping clients track down their dream listings, Jill is constantly working to serve her clients' needs.

Here are some highlights from her glowing reviews

A client in search of their dream home praised Jill for making the process "quick and easy," appreciating her pleasant demeanor and constant availability.

First-time home buyers were blown away by Jill's patience and thoughtfulness, noting how she went above and beyond, even during the busy holiday season, to ensure they found their perfect property.

Another couple moving from a different state highlighted Jill's kind personality and her ability to make them feel comfortable and supported throughout their home-buying journey.

Clients consistently recommend Jill for her ability to provide lightning-fast responses, work hard on their behalf, and make one of the best decisions in their search for a new home or selling their previous one.

These reviews illuminate Jill's unparalleled dedication to her clients, making her a highly recommended real estate agent in the Lawrence, KS area.

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The Best REALTORS® in Lawrence KS Deliver Quality Consistently

Consistency is key in real estate, and Jill Stueve delivers quality service every time.

Her commitment to excellence has earned her a place as a team leader and one of the top-performing agents at Keller Williams Lawrence - KW Integrity since October 1, 2019.

Her extensive involvement in the community and real estate organizations further underscores her dedication.


Jill's credentials speak volumes about her expertise and commitment to the real estate profession.

  • Served as a director on the board of REALTOR® for two consecutive terms.
  • Treasurer for one year and co-chair for four years on the community relations committee.
  • Leadership Lawrence graduate and KAR director for two years.
  • ALC Member 2024.

I'm constantly blown away by how much she has accomplished.

Get in Touch

Ready to get your next home (or get your home sold) with Lawrence's secret REALTOR® weapon?

Contact Jill Stueve today.

Jill Stueve isn't just a REALTOR®; she's a dedicated professional committed to making the buying or selling process as smooth and successful as possible.

Whether you're a first-time buyer or looking to sell, Jill's expertise and passion for real estate make her the ideal choice in Lawrence, KS.

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Get Your Real Estate Deal Figured Out with Jill


a family standing outside of memorial stadium in Lawrence kansas on a snow day
Bryan Reynolds

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