Lawrence City Spokesperson Says Tap Water is Safe and Hepatitis Free

(Wastewater is not Tap Water, Turns Out)

Key Points

  • The City of Lawrence has been dealing with numerous calls from concerned citizens following a rumor that the city's water supply is infected with Hepatitis A.

  • Michael Leos, a representative from the city's Municipal Services & Operations Department, said that the city's potable water supply remains safe and free from any Hepatitis A contamination.

  • The rise in Hepatitis A was detected in wastewater testing conducted in January, not in the drinking water.

  • The memo states that an increased concentration of Hepatitis A has been detected at the Lawrence Kansas River Wastewater Treatment Facility, peaking in mid-January.

  • The primary health risk is to those who work with wastewater infrastructure, which is why the City of Lawrence has a bloodborne pathogen program in partnership with LMH.

  • The city and Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department are planning to issue a joint statement to clear up confusion.

  • Despite no recent cases of Hepatitis A being identified by the local health department and KDHE, its detection in wastewater could suggest community transmission.

  • KDHE's memo also refers to an active outbreak of Hepatitis A in neighboring Shawnee County, primarily among people experiencing homelessness and drug users, with 18 cases reported in 2024.

  • The memo advises Douglas County health care providers to consider vaccinating high-risk groups, including drug users, people experiencing homelessness, recently or currently incarcerated individuals, and caregivers for high-risk individuals. Hepatitis A is a highly contagious vaccine-preventable liver infection spread through close contact with an infected person or consuming contaminated food or drinks.

For residents seeking additional information or reassurance regarding the safety of Lawrence's water supply, the city has made resources available on their official website. You can access updates, reports, and frequently asked questions about the water quality at Lawrence Municipal Services & Operations Department.

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I'm not sure who said this quote originally (this one site says Neil Gaiman), but there are many variations of it.

"Civilization is two meals and twenty-four hours away from barbarism." - I like to remember it as a stark reminder of our reliance on essential resources.

If this applies to our food supply chain, then it undoubtedly holds true for our water supply as well. That's why staying up to date with water alerts from Lawrence, Kansas, is so crucial.

Bryan Reynolds

The Importance of Staying Up to Date with Water Alerts in Lawrence, KS

Access to clean, safe drinking water is one of the most critical needs we have as humans.

Recently, there were concerns about Hepatitis A being detected in wastewater in Lawrence, KS.

However, the city's drinking water was confirmed to be safe. This highlights the importance of accurate and timely information.

I'm glad they addressed it to help maintain public trust in the water utility and ensure the community's safety.

The Kansas Department and Environmental Protection Agency work together to monitor and manage any potential environmental health hazards.

They set health guidelines for drinking water contaminants and oversee drinking water treatment processes.

So, whether it's an alert from the city about a potential Hepatitis A virus in the water systems or updates about ongoing water conservation efforts, these notifications are an important part of keeping the community informed and safe.

To stay informed about such updates, consider signing up for notifications about changes in water conditions or checking out the news flash section on the KDHE website.

Remember, staying informed is the first step towards ensuring your access to clean, safe drinking water.


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