Garrett's Haunted Farm: A Fun Halloween Zombie Paintball Experience in Lawrence Kansas

A Must Try Halloween Event in Lawrence KS

As the leaves turn and the chill of autumn descends, there's no better way to celebrate the season than with a visit to Garrett's Haunted Farm. Nestled in the heartland of Lawrence, this haunted farm is a must-visit for anyone in Kansas City, Lenexa, Overland Parks, Shawnee, or other nearby areas.

Trust me, it's worth the drive!

My family and I recently had the pleasure of attending this year's Halloween bash at Garrett's Haunted Farm. The highlight was undoubtedly the Halloween Zombie Paintball event. This isn't your typical haunted house experience.

Instead, the farm sets up an array of targets, creating an immersive atmosphere that makes you feel like you're actually shooting at zombies. It's fun, adrenaline-inducing, and one of the best Halloween events we've ever attended.

Short Video: Entering the Farm, the Paintball Shooting, and Photo Opportunities with the Zombies

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Kids Enjoy Garretts Haunted Farm

Even my 6-year-old, who was initially nervous, ended up loving it. I watched as his apprehension transformed into sheer joy and excitement. This just goes to show that kids can enjoy this Halloween party too.

Bryan Reynolds

Frequently Asked Questions about Zombie Paintball Hunting at Garrett's Haunted Farm

What is a haunted farm?

A haunted farm is a themed attraction typically open around Halloween. It may feature haunted hayrides, corn mazes, and haunted houses, all designed to provide a thrilling and spooky experience.

Is the haunted farm suitable for children?

I think Garrett's Haunted Farm is ok for kids, but that depends on how your chid handles this kind of thing. My 6-year-old tends to be more anxious around this stuff, but he handled it quite well and wants to go again! It often depends on the individual farm. Some may have age restrictions or suggest parental discretion due to potentially frightening elements.

What should I wear to a haunted farm?

Comfortable clothing and footwear are recommended as you may be on your feet for extended periods of time, and possibly walking on uneven ground.

Can I purchase tickets in advance?

Yes, I'm told that that experience tends to sell-out. Many haunted farms offer the option to purchase tickets online in advance, but this would depend on the specific farm's policies.

Are there food and drinks available on site?

Yes, they have food and drinks on site. There are some essential cookies you should give a try. There are other optional cookies that also are delicious. The more cookie choices I have, the more cookies tend to get eaten.

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Check it Out

Garrett's Haunted Farm is more than just a haunted farm. It's a place where families can create lasting memories while enjoying the fun and excitement of Halloween. So, Kansas dwellers, don't miss out on this Halloween gem! You won't regret making the drive. They accept all forms of payment services.

So, gear up, grab your paint, and get ready to take on the zombies this October at Garrett's Haunted Farm. It's an experience you won't forget!

Garrett's Haunted Farm is conveniently located at 654 North 700 Road, Lawrence, KS, tucked away in the beautiful countryside. It's just a short, scenic drive from the heart of the city, making it easily accessible for day trips. Mark your GPS and embark on this exciting Halloween adventure, you'll be welcomed by the rustic charm of the farm amidst the golden hues of autumn.


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