India Palace's Butter Chicken & Naan is Life Changing

As a humble food consumer in Lawrence, Kansas, my culinary escapades have led me through a smorgasbord of restaurants. But tucked away gently on E 10th St, there's one Indian restaurant that has left an indelible impression on my taste buds – India Palace.

butter chicken naan and tomato soup with samosa on a table

Let's Explore India Palace, Lawrence KS

The moment you step into India Palace, Lawrence KS, you're immediately enveloped by the rich aroma of Indian spices. It's a sensory prelude to the gastronomic adventure that awaits. The menu is a delicious combination of traditional Indian dishes, each meticulously crafted to leave you yearning for more.

My Order

1). Butter Chicken - (Amazing)

My first experience was with the Butter Chicken. Each bite is a revelation – tender pieces of chicken swathed in a creamy, buttery sauce, subtly spiced and simmered to perfection. This dish alone can transform your perception of Indian food.

butter chicken plate

2). Naan Bread - (Amazing-er)

No Indian meal is complete without Naan, and India Palace does not disappoint. Fresh from the clay oven, the Naan is a perfect blend of softness and slight crunch, with a hint of butter that makes it impossible to resist. It's the perfect companion to the Butter Chicken, absorbing the sauce and amplifying the flavors.

naan bread on a butter chicken plate from india palace

3) Tomato Soup - (Boooo!)

As I dipped my spoon into the crimson broth, I was filled with anticipation. Yet, the first sip brought forth a baffling conundrum.

The soup, instead of delivering the ripe, sun-kissed tanginess of fresh tomatoes, resonated with the stark familiarity.

Hey, India Palace. Be honest. Are you pouring canned Campbell's soup into a bowl and selling it to people?

Because your tomato soup tastes like Campbell's.

I was disappointed too. I love a nice, thick tomato soup from a delicious restaurant (à la Free State Brewery).

The velvety texture, the uncanny balance of sweetness and acidity, it all seemed eerily reminiscent of a childhood spent camping, where canned soups were a warming refuge against the chill of the wilderness.

I am onto their gastronomic mystery, the unsettling déjà vu couldn’t be a mere coincidence.

Beneath the veneer of their exotic Indian cuisine, was India Palace, Lawrence KS, resorting to using canned soup?

I leave this as a question for my fellow diners to ponder. The quest for authenticity in culinary arts is a journey, and it seems, this time, the path has led me to a can of soup in disguise.

I, essentially, paid someone $4.50 to pour Campbell's soup into a bowl and heat it up for me. I actually think that's kinda funny to be honest.

butter chicken plate

4) Vegetable Samosa - (We're Back)

Just when I was grappling with the soup revelation, my gastronomic journey took a delightful turn. The Vegetable Samosa were next, piping hot, their flaky, golden-brown exteriors glistening invitingly. As I bit into one, the crumbly pastry gave way to a rich medley of perfectly spiced vegetables.

The samosa was exquisite, the crunch of the pastry complemented by the soft and fragrant filling of peas, potatoes, and a tantalizing blend of spices. It was a perfect fusion of texture and taste, reaffirming my faith in the restaurant's ability to deliver authentic Indian cuisine.

For anyone visiting India Palace, the Vegetable Samosa is a must-try. Despite the unexpected twist in my culinary adventure, this delicious Indian snack rekindled my love for the restaurant. A savory treat that's bound to delight your taste buds, as it did mine.

The Vegetable Samosa - We're back on track, reminding us that every dining experience has its highs and lows, but it's the overall journey that counts.

butter chicken plate

What People Say I Should Order Next

The sizzling Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Tikka, and Tandoori Shrimp are also worth mentioning. Cooked in the traditional clay oven, these dishes deliver a unique smoky flavor that's both rustic and refined. The Seekh Kabab and Boti Kabab, served hot on skewers, are a meat-lover's delight, while the Saag Paneer offers a delightful vegetarian option.

If you're up for a late dinner, don't worry. The delivery hours extend until well into the evening, and the takeout service is swift and efficient. Plus, the delivery order process is seamless, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite dishes from the comfort of your home.

In addition to the savory dishes, India Palace also offers a range of refreshing beverages.

India Palace isn't just a restaurant; it's a culinary journey that takes you through the heart of India without leaving Lawrence. With its warm ambiance, friendly service, and an array of mouth-watering dishes, it's no wonder that the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

As I eagerly await my next visit, I can't help but feel excited. Whether you're new in town or a long-time resident of Lawrence KS, I highly recommend you save some time in your week to experience the gastronomic delights at India Palace.

You won't be disappointed - (just stay away from the Tomato Soup).


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