The Coolest Stuff I've Bought at the Lawrence Antique Mall (so far)

My Family Loves Shopping There

One of our favorite things to do together as a family is go to the Lawrence Antique Mall on Mass St and peruse all the products.

We never get tired of going through all of the floors of the store and finding a treasure or two.

My son loves looking at the baseball cards, while I tend to look through their collection of old-school style Chiefs and Jayhawks gear.

So far, these are my favorite items we have purchased. I encourage you to go and spend at least an hour searching through all three floors.

the author of this aricle is posing for a head shot

"My son bought his first pack of baseball cards at the Antique Mall. And he pulled a Bo Jackson rookie card worth nearly $200. I think it might be the happiest I've ever seen him lol."

Bryan Reynolds

1). Unopened 1987 Topps Baseball Cards

My son bought his very first pack of 1987 Topps baseball cards and scored a rookie Bo Jackson card. Can you believe it?

a young child looking at a case of baseball cards
a bo jackson rookie card future stars 1987 topps

2). Replica KU Championship Ring (it Says Phog Allen on it!)

The prices for replica rings range from $40 - around $70-ish. They are huge and they are always a fun thing to wear around town.

a ku basketball championship basketball ring
phog allen name inscription on the ring

3). John Lennon Glasses

These glasses mean business.

a child wearing john lennon glasses

4). Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Football Card

Ok, I'm lying just a tad. We did not buy this, but I thought it was kind of cool and took a photo.

travis kelce and taylor swift football card

What is the Lawrence Antique Mall on Massachusetts Street?

The Lawrence Antique Mall, located on Massachusetts Street in Lawrence, Kansas, stands as a captivating destination for collectors, decorators, and all who cherish the allure of history.

This remarkable establishment, stretching across three floors of a historic building, invites visitors to immerse themselves in a world brimming with antiques.

From meticulously crafted furniture to stunning pieces of jewelry, each corner offers a glimpse into bygone eras.

I encourage visitors to allocate at least an hour, if not more, to fully explore the vast collection.

Guests can expect to be warmly welcomed by the mall's friendly and knowledgeable staff, ready to assist in navigating the extensive array of collections.

The Lawrence Antique Mall boasts an impressive assortment of items, ensuring that every visitor, whether in search of a specific piece for their home or on the lookout for a unique find, discovers something special.


The convenience of parking adds to the appeal, facilitating easy access for both locals and tourists to this cherished spot.

Situated on the lively Massachusetts Street, affectionately known as "Mass St." by residents, the mall is one of my favorite destinations to shop in Lawrence's dynamic community.

Surrounded by a many other shops, restaurants, and fun vibes, it significantly contributes to the town's vibrant atmosphere.

It's a Must Go if you are Visiting

Visiting the Lawrence Antique Mall transcends mere shopping; it is an enriching experience. With dealers regularly introducing new items, the inventory is ever-changing, making each visit uniquely exciting.

The mall caters to a wide range of budgets, offering both affordable finds and rare collectibles. The diverse collection spans traditional antiques to eccentric, one-of-a-kind pieces, ensuring that the quest for the next great discovery is always thrilling.

Whether you call Lawrence home, are visiting, or simply passing through, dedicating time to explore the Lawrence Antique Mall is essential.

What will you Find?

It is a place where the past resonates, stories unfold through timeless objects, and the journey to find that perfect item promises endless enjoyment.

On your next visit to Lawrence, ensure to set aside time, step through the door, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of history that adorns this extraordinary antique mall.

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Address: 830 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044


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Bryan Reynolds


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Although Bryan doesn't identify as a journalist, he's an obsessive observer who loves to share his thoughts and reactions about life in Lawrence on his blog. An avid Mass. Street enjoyer, Bryan brings a local's perspective to his writing. Bryan's passion for his hometown shines through in every post, making his website a must-read for anyone interested in the pulse of Lawrence.


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